How can I configure my bellows?

First, choose the right size between x-small, medium, large and x-large, checking the connector size diameter.
If the connector sizes overlap, however, choose the size according to the preferred dimension.
Then, check the inside and outside diameters in the drawing.
If they are not the right ones, choose the closest following size between small, medium or large, in the left menu
If they are accurate, now check the open and closed length in the drawing.
This fee is modular: Each bellows can double the closed and open length, assembling 1 joint, triples assembling 2 joints and so on.
(e.g. 1 bellows + 2 collars: Closed length A – Open length B
2 Bellows + 1 joint + 2 collars: Closed length Ax2 - Open length Bx2
3 Bellows + 2 joint + 2 collars: Closed length Ax3 - Open length Bx3...)

How does it work?

The universal bellows is composed by 3 main modules: Body, Joint and Collar.
The Body can be easily linked to Collars and Joint through a special interlocking.
Link 1 body and 2 collars to obtain a complete short bellows
Add joints, to link more bodies and obtain longer bellows.
Collars are installed at the ends of the complete bellows, to obtain the needed connector size, once cut.
Tutorial video – How to compose

Tutorial video – How to install joints.

How do I link the parts together?

Bellows body has a special elastic flap at both ends, while the collar and the joint have a special slot where to insert the bellows flaps.
The body has a softer rubber, while collar and joint are harder; this allows you to take advantage of the elasticity of rubber and to have a perfect grip interlocking.
Links are reliable, no glue or clamps are needed; however there is a slot for clamps, if really necessary.
Tutorial video – How to compose

Tutorial video – How to install joints.

How to cut collar’s holes?

End collars have a “pre-hole” (0.39” or 1.18”).
Just drill the collar using a lathe, make a hole 0.05”-0.08” less than the required diameter, in order to have interference. The collar will remain perfectly fixed.
Tutorial video – How to cut collar’s hole.

Remember to make an air passage to let the bellows works, using a drill with a “hole saw”.
Air hole can be done in the collars (usually the upper one, because the bottom one is connected to the cylinder’ head and air cannot come out) or in the convolutions of the bellows.
Depending on the speed of the bellows, choose the number of air holes (minimum 1 for normal-slow speed)
Tutorial video – How to drill air holes.

How do I install the bellows on my device?

Once you buy a complete bellows kit, you will receive separated parts: Body, Collars, Joint (if needed), Filters or Discs (optional)
First, install at the bottom side of the rod, the collar with the corresponding hole’s diameter.
(see how to make collar’s holes)
Then, link the bellows from any side, in the collar already installed.

In case of joints, needed to obtain longer bellows, link on side of the joint to the bellows installed and the other side to the other bellows (and so on, in case of more joints)
Complete the bellows with the front collar, installing it on the upper side of the rod.
Remember to make the air’s hole, to let the bellows work.
Tutorial video – How to install on device.